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We at Jewelry Store Marketers help businesses improve their online presence and bring in more customers and sales. Our Digital Marketing Services for jewelry stores encompass a wide range of activities including search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, email marketing, and other digital marketing opportunities. We utilize cutting-edge technology combined with solid data analysis to create a custom plan to that will help to increase brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and drive more sales.


We help local jewelry store businesses with online visibility, traffic and so much more. We can also help generate leads for jewelry store products and services.

selling wedding bands

Sell More Wedding Bands

One of the foremost reasons for a couple to visit their local jeweler is to shop for Wedding Bands that will serve as the eternal symbol of their love and devotion to each other.  Because this jewelry is such an important part of their new life together, soon-to-married couples shop very carefully for the right wedding bands that will stand the test of time and love.  The right material, design, stones, and even engraving needs to be perfect, again, which can be representative of their relationship together.  As such, choosing the right jewelry store to purchase this is important symbol is just as critical.  The couple needs to be confident that the jeweler can provide an amazing product and service as well as be there throughout the years for them.

Get More Jewelry Repair Customers

As fine jewelers know, the key to a successful jewelry store business is not only providing high-quality products to their customers but also equally a function of the great service that they provide during each sale but also for years to come.  Fine jewelry is an investment and choosing the right jeweler that will be there throughout the years is also very critical.  A great jeweler can ensure that their engagement ring is properly maintained, wedding bands sized, or even watch straps replaced.  Regardless of the service, communicating that service and value is a key selling point to maintain customers, and capturing new ones.

selling jewelry repair services

Get Jewelry Engraving Clients

Jewelry stores are a great place to purchase an item to commemorate major events like weddings and birthdays but, to personalize your jewelry further, get it engraved.   A full-service jewelry store can normally provide this and other services.  Jewelry commonly engraved are wedding rings that are inscribed with the date and names of the couple, birth and death dates of loved ones, or even a declaration of never-ending love and devotion.   This service requires the proper equipment and experience to do a great job.  In many cases, the harder job for jewelers is to attract existing and new customers that can need engraving.

Increase Fine Jewelry Sales

Fine jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes, and categories can be the perfect gift to show someone how much you love them, the final touch to your new dress, or just to make yourself feel good.  Top-quality jewelers in every corner of the country stock necklaces, earrings, rings bracelets, and more in designs that range from classic to audacious.  Metals like gold, platinum, palladium, and others are adorned with diamonds and other precious stones line the showcases of fine jewelry stores ready for consumers with the finest of tastes. The business of selling fine jewelry can be lucrative but when there is a lack of customers or a tremendous amount of competition, it becomes hard to keep a thriving jewelry business from growing.

Selling engagement rings

Sell More Diamond Engagement Rings

Selling Bridal Engagement Rings is a special service that jewelry stores provide to soon-to-be-married couples. The bridal engagement ring is highly personal to the couple since it is an eternal symbol of their dedication to each other. The search for a diamond engagement ring comes typically with a lot of research and referrals for a reputable jewelry store that can fulfill their needs. For any jewelry store, it is critical that they create a great online reputation and social proof. That is done with an appealing website that clearly explains how the jeweler can carefully help prospective buyers with the needed information and choice that can yield the perfect ring that will act as a symbol of their love and devotion.

Book More Custom Design Jewelry Clients

Making custom jewelry is an art form that bench jewelers have been offering to consumers that have specific needs.  It required an immense amount of skill, experience, and creativity.  Additionally, bench jewelers must create amazing pieces with ultimate attention to detail since it normally will be the symbol of something very special in someone’s life.  Fine jewelers across the country provide this incredible service, but in many cases, struggle with attracting customers.

selling custom designed jewelry

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